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Deep Tissue Massage


The benefits of massage go well beyond just a relaxing treatment. Massage can have a really positive change on someone’s life or pre-existing health condition. There are many types of massage, but we specialise in deep tissue and sports massage.

Deep tissue massage in is where the clinician will target muscle soreness and release any stiff or contracted muscles. They will encourage the blood flow and help with lymphatic drainage which in turn will nourish and oxygenate the cells.

Sports Massage is more focused on a particular area which is injured or not functioning properly. The clinician will assess the area and apply certain techniques to aid in recover or to smooth out any scar tissue.

Our massage appointments consist of a consultation and treatment. In the consultation the practitioner will take notes and ensure you are safe to treat. They will then leave the room to allow you to get ready and commence treatment. You will need to give feedback in these treatments to ensure the therapist is applying the right pressure and targeting the right muscle.

You should stay hydrated and drink plenty of water after the treatment. If you ask for a heavy massage you may feel sore for the next few days but the will improve significantly. We use soya based oil which we have found to be the least allergenic but let your clinician know if you have an allergies.

All of our clinicians are degree qualified professionals and are eager to help you relax and sore any aches or pains with massage.

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