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Physiotherapy is a profession who specialise in the rehabilitation of conditions such and neurological, musculoskeletal, cardiovascular and respiratory.

The aim of a physiotherapist is to use a range of evidenced based techniques to treat people suffering from a range of physical issues. The role of a physiotherapist is to increase the quality of a person’s life by alleviating pain and restoring function of the muscular skeletal system.

All physios are registered with the HCPC and work in a range of healthcare settings. Our private healthcare physiotherapist operate as general therapist and can treat a large range of conditions.

They will assess you to reach a diagnosis and then formulate a treatment plan which incorporates any rehabilitation required. A physiotherapist treatment will include manual therapies such as joint manipulation and mobilisation. Massage therapy and stretching with be used to release muscles and encourage blood flow.

All of our physiotherapist are degree qualified clinicians who are experts in their field and are ready to help improve the quality of life.

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